I suppose I am breaking the first rule of blogging, never blog when youre angry but in my humble opinion people are far too trusting of “studies” and when one this weak gets released it should be commented on.

Taleo, a leading HR software provider, recently published this survey on onrec and quite simply made my blood boil.

Their study was to determine application methods in the UK primarily citing the “fact” that only 43% of jobseekers applied for a job online or through email. I honestly had to check the date but it was the third and not the first of April.

Digging a little more into the study I was really looking for the sample size that they used, statistical standards would have included at least 3% of the total number of employees which according to the official statistics is 29.46 million in the last quarter. That would mean a good sample size that would identify the trends they are “discovering” would be around 880 000 people. So how many people were asked?

120, yes its true. I couldn’t believe it either.

The study “found” that 19% of Jobseekers applied by post. I couldnt find any studies that contradicted this but 5.64 million people applying by post seems really high. Whether it is or not is really inconsequential as a study with a sample of size of that amount doesn’t deserve further comment.

So I’m going to stop commenting and design a fantastic Google attraction strategy for a direct employer we have recently signed.

It’s a far better use of my time.

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