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Ad spend in UK set to rise in 2010 due to web increasing market share

Posted by Joanne Brent on 15 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Direct recruitment strategies, Employer Branding, Facts & Figures, Social Media

UK advertising spend in 2010 will rise by 2.8% by the end of the third quarter of this year, with online’s share growing 4.2 percentage points during 2009, according to new research. The modest rise comes despite nine consecutive quarters of year-on-year decline. According to new figures from the Advertising Association (AA) and Warc.

10 tips on Marketing your business

Posted by Joanne Brent on 19 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Employer Branding, Social Media

Many businesses and even freelancers find themselves under incredible pressure to compete in a marketing environment in order to maintain a decent income by being a more obvious choice than competitors in the same market. Despite the misconceptions, there are tons of easy, low-cost, and even free ways to market your business. Take a look:

1. Build a Lead Database – Everyone you talk as part of your business is a potential lead, whether now, or down the road. Get contact information from everyone you talk to. Grab their business card and start building a database.

A how to on attracting quality candidates

Posted by Joanne Brent on 10 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Direct recruitment strategies, Employer Branding, Social Media

You would think with today’s economy that all you would have to do to attract employees would be to stick a sign in the window of your business that said “Hiring” or place an advertisement in the local newspaper and then pick a new employee out of the hundreds that applied. However, as needs become increasingly more technical and specialised, jobs for businesses small and large are going unfilled – even with today’s surplus of available labor.

Social media saves jobseekers and employers recruitment fees

Posted by Joanne Brent on 14 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Social Media

With little relief in sight on the employment scene, job hunters have to be savvier and more careful than ever about what they choose to spend money on as they search. Luckily, one of the best ways to find a job - networking - is practically free and many websites and job portals offer free membership to jobseekers and employers alike.

The key is to stay focused on your goals, experts said. Here are some tips on ways to keep spending down while looking for the job you want.

UK households have ever increasing internet access in 2009

Posted by Joanne Brent on 28 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Facts & Figures, Social Media

Some 18.31 million UK households now have internet access, which is an increase of 1.85 million from 2008, according to a new report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). In 2009, 16.5 million people - 63 per cent of all UK house holds - had broadband connections, representing an increase of 6.6 million since 2006.

The report also found that an estimated 73 per cent or 27.3 million adults accessed the internet everyday or almost everyday. But 16-24 age group took the prize for most frequent users, with an estimated 86 per cent using it everyday. The ONS found that the most popular use of the internet was for email. - 5 Time Management Tips for Jobseekers

Posted by Ben Muir on 19 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Direct recruitment strategies, Employer Branding, Facts & Figures, HR Strategy, Social Media

Managing your time effectively can play a big role in your job search success. Developing good time management methods can be a big challenge for job seekers. When you lose your job, you suddenly lose a lot of the structure that was once a part of your day. It will be up to you to create that structure to ensure that you will reach your job search goals.

Tips on Time Management for Job Seekers

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