October 2009

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Avoid these branding mistakes!

Posted by Joanne Brent on 06 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Direct recruitment strategies, Employer Branding, HR Strategy

Branding is all about consistency. If you are constantly changing your message, you’ll confuse your target market, and lose money while doing it. Now more so than ever in the recruitment sector it’s imperative that employers steer clear of the following brand sabotaging mistakes when managing their employer brands online and off!

1. Lack of a brand identity
Creating a brand involves analysing every aspect of your business and how it is experienced. Branding is driven by consumers, but is always started at the top of your company. You must know your brand inside and out and sell it with passion before you can expect anyone else to do it. Marketing legend, Jack Trout, in 1969, said what holds true today. “Consumers don’t stop to figure you out; they just keep going.” You must have a memorable and unmistakable brand identity that stops consumers in their tracks.